Get to know Nebbiolo

Get to know Nebbiolo

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It’s a relatively unknown wine in Australia but Nebbiolo is arguably Italy‘s most famous red grape variety because it’s what makes both Barolo and Barbaresco, two of the world’s most respected and sought after wines.

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Thankfully, Nebbiolo is a fraction of the price but still packs a punch with it’s bold characteristics and full-bodied flavours so it should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking to cosy up with a bottle of red this winter.

Here’s 8 reasons why you should be drinking this distinctive drop.

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    1. It’s full of surprises. Although it looks like a Pinot Noir with its pale colour it packs much more of a punch with it’s full-bodied, rich flavours and tannins that linger in your mouth long after your last sip.
    2. It’s a premium red at an affordable price. As the grape that goes into Barolo and Barbaresco, it is just as memorable, elegant, and earthy but at half the price.
    3. It’s striking flavours will leave you awestruck. With bright cherry fruit, black plum, rose petals, hints of coffee, savoury notes of leather and anise it packs a powerful punch.
    4. With hints of truffle, fennel and liquorice too you’ll be intrigued by every mouthful, leaving you thirsty for more.
    5. It ages well. Buy a case to drink now and one to save for few years when it will develop into an even more complex wine.
    6. Its large amount of tannins work as a natural antioxidant which has huge health benefits for humans. Another glass please!
    7. Nebbiolo is only produced in small quantities outside of Northern Italy (namely South Africa and Australia), so get in quick and try our very own, homegrown Nebbiolo for just $30 a bottle.
    8. It pairs well with winter dishes. Due to the dryness of the wine and it’s full-bodied profile you’ll want to pair it with rustic Italian foods such as ragu, lasagna, cheese platters and tomato based pizzas. According to the Wine Folly it also goes surprisingly well with Chinese dishes and spice-driven Asian cuisine too. Bring on cosy nights in with red wine, take out and Netflix then.

      Check out our Signor Vino Nebbiolo to purchase online or buy from independent bottle shops.

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