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At Mino & Co (M+CO), our growers are the wineries first, if not the most important element, in the process of producing a good drop. So much so that we have, in fact, dedicated a product that pays homage to those we entrust to nurture our beloved fruit. This product is called "a Growers Touch", and showcases local fruit which has been fathered by our long standing and trusted growers.   

We ensure our vineyards are farmed as low yielding, in order for the vines to produce a highly concentrated and quality fruit that meets the M+CO standard.        

Grapes are sourced from various regions of Australia to be allocated to the appropriate M+CO product. This doesn't limit the winery to the confines of our local region and allows us to diversify and infiltrate the market with wines of different varietals, quality and price. For example; at M+CO, we source many of our Italian varietals, from the Signor Vino range, from both the Riverina, Riverland & Adelaide Hills. Our premium Little William Shiraz boasts fruit from Langhorne Creek, South Australia and our premium Mozzafiatto Montepulciano showcases a highly concentrated fruit from Heathcote in Victoria.

The farms and growers who supply the fruit for all the M+CO's products are carefully sourced, graded and selected to ensure the fruit meets the standard of a particular product.          

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