The Winery

Mino & Co Wines, was established in 1997 and has been producing wines of various styles, suited to the regions growing conditions but not limited to, for almost two decades.

The winery is located in a small village called Hanwood, just outside Griffith in New South Wales with the area falling into the 'Riverina' region of NSW. 

The area is well known for producing heavier style red wines such as Durif, Shiraz and Cabernet. Predominant white varietals found in the area range from Riesling, Chardonnay, Semillon and Pinot Grigio. The Riverina is further credited for its world class Botrytis Semillon, a grape left on the vine to ripen and inherit the Botrytis fungus.The wine is then produced into a sweet, concentrated dessert wine.

In more recent times growers, and more specifically The Winery, have begun planting various Italian Varietals due to demand in the Australian wine market and the areas suitable growing conditions. The Winery also sources certain parcels of fruit from specific growers in premium regions, mainly South Australia. Regions such as Adelaide Hills, Claire Valley, Barossa Valley and others all cultivate high-quality different styles of fruit which are used across the SignorVino range of wines.


The Winery produces Italian varietals on a boutique scale, predominantly for the domestic market in Australia and has found great success in doing so. The selection of Italian varietals is based wholly on the palette characteristics and the potential of wine sales in the market.

The Guglielmino family are passionate about displaying their Italian heritage in their selection of wine styles and believe there is a balance between adopting innovative techniques amongst the traditional methods of wine making which have been passed down through the generations. 

IMAGE: Three generations sharing a bowl of pasta and Signor Vino. FROM LEFT: Alain Guglielmino, Domenic Guglielmino & Antonio Guglielmino

"The Australian wine market is a fast moving industry and the general consumer is becoming more open and accepting to foreign wine varietals. The young wine drinking population are a generation of adventurers with open minds and open hearts and we plan on pushing the boundaries of the industry and capturing the minds and hearts of the consumer with our wines" says Alain Guglielmino, Operations Manager at The Winery.  

"The wine industry in Australia is flooded with traditional wine labels and typical well-known varietals. We believe an effective measure to differentiate us as quality producers against the larger wineries, is to explore this new wave scene while the consumers are open to it. I think the boom in the craft beer scene on the domestic market is a great example of this" adds Nicholas Guglielmino, Business Development Manager at The Winery.

The Winery's Head Winemaker, Greg Bennett shows his passion and outstanding skill in ensuring each wine meets expectations and quality standards. Greg is extremely enthusiastic about winemaking and the wine industry, and this is reflected in his work and finished wines. SignorVino wines are nurtured from the early stages where Greg and The Winery growers liaise closely to ensure farming standards are met.

IMAGE: Putting two of our Montepulciano's on the Bench for comparrison. 

During the ferment stages, the juice is monitored closely on a 24 hour a day basis and all measures are taken to warrant a healthy ferment. The wines, are then nurtured and treated accordingly, and some put onto selected oak until the finishing stages and bottling preparations. Throughout the entire production stage, the Guglielmino family, with the winemaker, will hold regular meetings and tastings to ensure everyone is "on the same page"  and the wines are heading in the right direction.  

IMAGE: Domenico Guglielmino, analysing the nose of the 2015 Montepulciano, during a tasting. This wine will be released under the Signor Vino label mid to late 2016 after spending some time in French Oak barrels. 


IMAGE: Tasting wine in Barrels whilst topping. 

Once the finished wine has ticked all the boxes and all participating individuals sign off, it is sent to bottle and finally distributed into the market.